Circle Four Farms

What makes Circle Four Farms beef so special?

*  Circle Four beef is 100% natural grass-fed beef.  At no point in the life of our cattle do they receive anything other than grass and hay.

Grass fed beef?  Why is it a better choice?

*  Grass-fed beef is six times higher in omegas 3, 6 and 9 (good fat).

*  Texas Longhorn beef is up to 30% lower in saturated fat than most other beef breeds.  When you combine this fact with the increase in omega fats found in grass-fed beef, you have a very healthy product.  

*  This puts it on par with skinless chicken breast.

Wait, doesn't less fat mean less flavour?

*  The decrease in fat in the Texas Longhorn does not mean a decrease in flavour or tenderness; in fact quite the opposite.  The Longhorns' natural ability to marble on grass means that is laying down little packets of fat throughout the carcass as it is growing.  This ensures that fat is located where it needs to be for maximum flavour and tenderness.

*  The Longhorn has a slow growth rate, as it has never been single trait selected for fast growth.  A slow growth rate equates to more flavour.

What about hormones and other drugs? Do you use those?

* We do not use growth hormones or unnecessary anti-biotics.

* Longhorns are known for their excellent immune systems and natural ability to ward off diseases that affect other breeds. This greatly reduces the need to use anti-biotics or other drugs.

What conditions are your cattle raised in?

* Our cattle are raised in as natural a setting as possible. Our cows, calves and beef animals spend the grazing seasons on pasture and the winter in loose housing where they are free to go outside when they choose. This combined with our low stress handling techniques ensures the health and happiness of our herd.

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