Circle Four Farms

Our Message to You:

Our mission is to produce delicious grass-fed beef for our local market. We raise our beef naturally without the use of hormones or antibiotics, in an environmentally sound manner.

We enjoy helping people discover, or rediscover, how good food can taste when it is raised in the manner that mother nature intended. With the beef, it's grass and sunshine and a method of handling that takes into consideration the animals' nature and needs, thus contributing to the health and well being of the animal.

The feedback we get from people the first time they try our beef is typically something like "that is the best beef I have ever tasted" or "I didn't feel all bloated or heavy after eating your beef" or "your beef actually has flavour".

Food should be an experience. What we eat should be something we enjoy and appreciate. Circle Four is proud to offer products that will give you the best experience we can provide.

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